Updating your presentation is now a breeze.

Set your data connections ONE time, and they will sync to your data source and update automatically with the new PowerPoint add-in, PowerSpot.

Prepare Your Presentations In No Time

Forget the frustration of updating dozens of slides in PowerPoint every week, prior to meetings with stakeholders, board of directors, or clients. If it takes you time to retrieve information from various systems or files, copy/paste the information into your presentation, and then verify that everything is formatted properly in PowerPoint, a new solution has arrived...


Let PowerSpot take care of your presentation!

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An add-in plus a team!

When you buy PowerSpot, you get a team. We support our clients who have needs beyond the PowerSpot add-in.

This could mean creating custom PowerPoint templates for your team, offering assistance and support if you want use PowerSpot yourself, or taking an existing presentation you already have and making sure all the data is set up correctly for repeated, automatic updates.

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Need more in-depth customization?

Maybe you need to add data to your presentations, but you don't have your systems quite ready to consume the information.

We can help you with ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), Reporting, and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solutions to ensure you are maximizing your time.


  Link cells directly to your data source.
  Connect to Excel and Access database tables or views.
   Schedule automatic updates or freeze a data snapshot.
   Additional services available to fit your team needs!

  Additional services available to fit your team needs!

Service Options


+ Full Service 


Gold members get the PowerSpot add-in and a dedicated Velocity service team to streamline further workflows.


  All  product features

  Dedicated services team

  Customized templates 

  ETL services to prepare your data

  Customized workflow automation

  Online documentation 

  Live Chat Support 


I need Gold Service





+ Self Service


Bronze members get the PowerSpot add-in and a basic self-serve support model to explore on your own online resources.


✔  All product features

  Online Documentation

  Live Chat Support